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Opening SewonArtSpace

Malioboro Blitz 30.07.2011

Opening of the SewonArtSpace

Artist in residence program

SewonArtSpace is organizing an artist in residency program in Nitiprayan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, city center. Besides Institutions and Ministries, individuals can apply for a residency with a minimum time of 7 days and maximum time of 3 months. The property includes 150m2 indoor space with 4 shared studios as well as a fully equipped shared kitchen. The rooms are furnished. The bathrooms have European standard toilets and hot water showers. Nitiprayan is a very pleasant neighborhood offering a good range of restaurants, local shops, craftsmen workshops and natural landscapes.

About SewonArtSpace

SewonArtSpace is a non profit private run art foundation (Yayasan). The primary use of the SewonArtSpace is dedicated for commissioned works and projects. The space is located  in the center of Yogyakarta, in Nitiprajan, Bantul.

SewonArtSpace contact


Administration, residency@sewonartspace.org

To know the unknown - first exhibition at SewonArtSpace

With the opening exhibition of the SewonArtSpace we are trying to address our entry into this country, which is so foreign and unknown to us, and start to cooperate with locals.