About SewonArtSpace

SewonArtSpace is founded by Lukas Birk, Karel Dudesek and Dyah Soemarno. SewonArtSpace is a non profit private run art foundation (Yayasan). The primary use of the SewonArtSpace is dedicated for commissioned works and projects. The space is located  in South Yogyakarta, in Sewon, Bantul, 10 minutes from the city center.

SewonArtSpace, holds an outdoor area of 700m2 and an indoor area of 300m2 with 120m2 dedicated to exhibitions and studio space, 4 artists studios as well as kitchen and bathrooms for artists in residence. The SewonArtSpace will host selected artists and artist project from Indonesia and Europe making them accessible to the public. The artworks themselves, can be multidisciplinary touching areas of visual arts, technology, science, craft, music and environment.

Currently there are two artists each for 3 months per year support by the residency program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Art, Culture and Education accommodated in the space. SewonArtSpace is inviting individuals as well as institutions to participate in the AIR program.

SewonArtSpace Yayason board members:

Director and curator of SewonArtSpace is Dya Soemarno.

100m2 outdoor front yard
110m2 indoor exhibition / work space
4 artist studios
kitchen and bathrooms

Located in Sewon, Bantul in the South of Yogyakarta.
15 minutes from the center of the city.

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