Gorontalo - a hub in Sulawesi

If you have nothing to do in Gorontalo don't go there but as it is very likely that you end up there when traveling in Sulawesi - here a few tips.


Bunaken is a diving paradise.
It is really close to the Manado Airport. LionAir flies daily via Masakan (maybe by now direct) I was there in 2010.
There is a public boat every morning from the Manado port. If you miss it you will need to reach a little deeper in your pocket. Around 200.000Rp (negotiable).

I stayed at Lorenso's Homestay (image above) 120.000Rp for a bungalow directly at the water inducing 3 meals!

Mount Bromo - Vulcano in East Java

Mount Bromo and the surrounding area is definitely worth a trip. Coming from Probolingo it is a really nice ride by bus or car up the mountains. Make sure to take a sweater or jacket with you as it can get really cold at night.
I stayed in a small room at a hotel over looking the Bromo Valley. Usual tour guides will take tourist early morning to the view point and later down to the sulphide smoking crater.

Gili Islands - close to Bali

The Gilis consist of three different Islands.
Trawangan is the busiest one but 20 minutes walking from the main area it is still very quiet.
The Gilis are great for snorkeling and diving. I saw many turtles only a few meters from the beach.
Meno and Air are also very nice and if you are looking for a quiet time - go there!
Anyway the islands are only a few minutes apart from each other (by boat).

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