Indonesia's Secret: In the Kingdom of Gentle Islam

By Erich Follath, see Indonesia's Secret: In the Kingdom of Gentle Islam

Nowhere in the world are there more Muslims living in one place than in the Southeast Asian island nation of Indonesia, which will be a guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair this fall. Can a cosmopolitan faith assert itself against Islam? A journey.

Man spends 19 years planting trees to save village from drought

Motivator: Farmer Sadiman poses in a wood in his neighborhood in Dali hamlet, Geneng subdistrict, Wonogiri regency, Central Java. Sadiman is trying to convince locals that the water shortage problem that happens during dry seasons can be partly solved by planting trees on the denuded hills.(JP/Ganug Nugroho Adi)

A 65-year-old man from Wonogiri regency, Central Java, has managed to turn his drought-prone village into a groundwater-rich region by leading a campaign to replant trees on a nearby hill for the past 19 years.

What are the situations in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea borders like? - Agustinus Wibowo

I only have been to Vanimo, city on Papua New Guinea border, located next to Jayapura. From what I have seen, the people from Papua New Guinea frequently go to Indonesia just buy goods.

Papua is one of the least-developed province in Indonesia.
But the scary part is : it's far better developed than Papua New Guinea.

If you want to know more about the border, you can follow Agustinus Wibowo that is doing (2014) an expedition there.
There are some interesting write-ups from him, visit:


SOKOLA is a group of people who experienced in serving and assisting education for indigenous and marginalized community. With learning methods of quickly reading-writing.

visit: SOKOLA>

SOKOLA tries to reach communities in Indonesia which have not been accessed by formal education, assist, and share knowledge or life-skills in order to face their daily real-life problem. We call it "School for Life"

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) - Indonesia

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development charity that works through volunteers who work with local organisations in developing countries sharing skills and expertise. The Indonesian VSO programme is based mainly in Java and East Tenggaru, where volunteers work in the areas of secure livelihoods, maternal and child health and disability.

Obor Berkat Indonesia

Obor Berkat Indonesia (OBI) is a non-profit humanitarian organization focusing on healthcare service(social work, medical clinic, mass operations involving cleft lip, hernia and cataract and improving nutrition of children) and on education( school adoption, pre-kindergarten, community learning centers and providing school packages).


Yappika ( Yayasan Penguatan Partisipasi, Inisiatif dan Kemitraan Masyarakat Indonesia) is an alliance for fostering civil society. It used to be Yapika (one P), Yayasan Persahabatan Indonesia-Kanada (Canada-Indonesia Friendship Foundation), and known as channelling agent for CIDA fund.

World Health Organization (WHO) - Indonesia

The World Health Organization, the United Nations specialised agency for health (established in 1948) aims to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services. Health is being defined in WHO’s Constitution as state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely absence of disease or infirmity.