MobileKitchenLab, Yogyakarta

With "Hacking Angkringan" we want to achieve a unique interaction between the kitchen, the lab, MobileKitchenLab and the street. Kitchens are privileged spaces, where our research into what is the world made of and how matter relates to our stomach and body not only originated but also from where it developed into present day labs.

the making of Nasi Uduk (rice Uduk)

Selection from Indoeat by Iez_Narez

Nasi Uduk (rice Uduk)

the making of Tees- WEDANG UWUH

There are several tee types available. The tee which you get everywhere is the black tee strong and sweet in taste. Here a picture of as we call it Kraton tee, but his actual name is Wedang Uwuh, a more herbal style tee, you get complete packs in the herbal market.

Wedang Uwuh / Royal Imogiri Herbal Tea
Ingredients: Nutmeg Leaf, Clove Leaf, Secang Wood, Dried Ginger.

the making of Mango+Chilli

cut Mango and Chilli as you like, also available at Superindo ready made. You can ad if you like tomato and ginger. Maybe garlic and onion.

the making of Tempeh

Buy Tempeh in local market or at Superindo, keep if you can overnight in souse. Fry in coconut oil.
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the making of Indonesian Sambal

Squeeze: garlic, red small onions, chilli hot, chilli not hot, ad sugar, salt, ad brown sugar cane sugar, ad spoon of water.

(from WIKIPEDIA: Indonesian sambal

The traditional way of making sambal utilizes a stone mortar

Sambal Bajak in jar

There are nearly 300 varieties of sambal in the Indonesian archipelago. Some of the popular varieties are:

Sambal asam