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Artist in residence program

SewonArtSpace is organizing an artist in residency program in Bantul, South Yogyakarta about 20 minutes from the city center. Besides Institutions and Ministries, individuals can apply for a residency with a minimum time of 7 days and maximum time of 3 months. The property includes 700m2 outdoor area as well as 300m2 indoor space with a 110 m2 shared studio and exhibitions room as well as a fully equipped shared kitchen and shared office area. The rooms are furnished. The bathrooms have European standard toilets and hot water showers.

About SewonArtSpace

SewonArtSpace is founded by Lukas Birk, Karel Dudesek and Dyah Soemarno. SewonArtSpace is a non profit private run art foundation (Yayasan). The primary use of the SewonArtSpace is dedicated for commissioned works and projects. The space is located  in South Yogyakarta, in Sewon, Bantul, 10 minutes from the city center.

Auslandsstipendien samt Atelierwohnung für bildende Kunst in Yogyakarta

Auslandsstipendien samt Atelierwohnung für bildende Kunst in Yogyakarta

Das Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur, Kunstsektion, hat in Yogyakarta, Indonesien, eine Atelierwohnung für bildende Künstlerinnen und Künstler zur Verfügung und vergibt diese im Rahmen einer Ausschreibung für drei Tranchen in den Jahren 2012 und 2013. Mit der Vergabe des Ateliers, das auf Vorschlag einer unabhängigen Jury den einzelnen Kunstschaffenden zur Verfügung gestellt wird, ist ein Stipendium verbunden. Die Reisekosten werden auf Antrag ebenfalls vom BMUKK übernommen.

SewonArtSpace contact


Lukas Birk, co-founder,

Karel Dudesek, co-founder,

Dyah Soemarno, chair of Jajasan SAS foundation, senior director,

To know the unknown - first exhibition at SewonArtSpace

With the opening exhibition of the SewonArtSpace we are trying to address our entry into this country, which is so foreign and unknown to us, and start to cooperate with locals.

About Sewon Art Space

Sewon Art Space is a non profit private arts organization. --- on TWITTER on INDONESIA<--- on FACEBOOK on INDONESIA< ---

Sewon Art Space hosts the annual AIR Program, artist in residency program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Art, Culture and Education. Two times a year, 2 artist will work for 3 months in the SewonArtSpace and will be accommodated in the guest rooms.