Gamelan Wizard MOFO 2015

Lucas Abela on youTube

Resembling an ancient proto-pinball machine crafted eons ago and found centuries later in a Javanese burial chamber; Gamelan Wizard is an eight player pinball game housed in an intricately carved octagon pendopo that incorporates Gamelan instrumentation into it's playfield so as you play it plays. Unlike Abela's previous musical instrument/pinball hybrids this new machine is totally acoustic taking advantage of the naturally loud Gamelan Instrumentation resonating within the body of the game.

To execute Gamelan Wizard Lucas Abela has teamed up with two of Yogyakarta’s most celebrated musicians Wukir Suryadi and Rully Shabara in addition to working with famed Gamelan master Wibowo who, along with his skilled craftspeople, hand carved the cabinet and forged the Gamelan. By pitting together our two disparate icons; Pinnies and Gamelan, we have created a unique participatory installation meshing together our respective cultural identities.

Lucas Abela