The Centhini Story: The Javanese Journey of Life

The Centhini Story: The Javanese Journey of Life (based on the original Serat Centhini)
Soewito Santoso (Author), Fendi Siregar (Author), Kestity Pringgoharjono (Author)

The Centhini Story takes the reader on an unforgettable tour of the magical island of Java and gives an incredible insight into the traditions and customs of the Javanese. In this first-ever English translation of the 19th-century epic Serat Centhini , the author has stayed true to the essence of the original work, making a much-loved but almost forgotten literary heritage accessible once again.

The Centhini Story tells the tale of two princes and a princess who fled their palace in Giri kingdom when it was attacked by Sultan Agung of Mataram kingdom in 1635. In the confusion, Prince Jayengresmi is separated from his younger siblings and embarks on a quest to find them. Seeking to be reunited with each other, they travel across the length and breadth of the island of Java. It is a quest that spans more than a decade. At every stage of their journey, the people they encounter¡Xwhether a wise recluse on a mountain peak or a learned guru of a pesantren (Islamic school)¡Xintroduce ideas that give a lively insight into the Javanese way of life and their beliefs. By the time the three siblings finally meet, each of them¡Xas well as the people they have forged close relationships with¡Xhas overcome trials and tribulations and developed emotionally and spiritually. For them, it is not only a journey over hill and vale but a journey of life.


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