About Sewon Art Space Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sewon Art Space is a non profit private arts project. --- on TWITTER on INDONESIA<--- on FACEBOOK on INDONESIA< ---

Sewon Art Space hosts artist in its residency program. Several times a year, artist can work in the SewonArtSpace and will be accommodated in the guest rooms.

Sewon Art Space mission statement:
Sewon Art Space has an special interest focus on the interplay between man and nature. Artworks dealing with this subject will be preferred. Subject areas may involve cooperation's with botanists, agriculture indoor and outdoor, plants and objects, Land art, integration of build and grown, man made and natural grown objects . We can imagine that nature is a friend of men, we use nature as food as nature sees men as food, men is part of nature. Still this relation is crucial and causes if misunderstood a lot of irritations, on the other hand nature stands also for an emotional and romantic view of beauty and purity. Nature can heal and also destroy, men vice verse. Sewon Art Space tries to address this process with artistic means and methods.


Sewon Art Space will hold general events, exhibitions, and special interest programming throughout the year. Sewon Art Space events programming, publications, and key objectives include: Showcasing recent Indonesian, Austrian and European works of art. Providing resources for interested international and local academics, students the general public in Indonesia, as well as for incoming European and Austrian artists. Holding lectures and workshops.

Sewon Art Space programming will be in alignment with organizational goals and objectives. Programming in the following areas: Artist in residence program shows and results. Book presentations on literature, philosophy, and theory Environmental studies. Textile design. Film and Video. Fine arts. Interdisciplinary arts. Media art. Music. Performance and installation art. Photography. Public art. Sculpting.


Yogyakarta is one of the most important centers for contemporary art in South East Asia. Yogyakarta has a long-established art scene and is a historic center of Javanese and Indonesian culture – crafts, visual art, dance, music and architecture. Yogyakarta’s art scene is a grown and living community of artists, designers, street artists, galleries and museums, which is internationally well connected. The historical influence of Javanese culture is unique. From Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity up to modern living forms of society, enriching and influencing the local artists. The intensity of cultural space, people, climate, nature and existing production possibilities are rare to find in such constellation. Certainly this offers enrichment and inspiration for artistic processes.

Sewon Art Space programming will generate local and international interest; providing a comprehensive platform for the current contemporary community, and facilitate Indonesian, Austrian and European cultural dialogue.

The Main Goals of Sewon Art Space:
Facilitating collaboration and discourse between artists. Supporting the cultural activities of partner organizations within Indonesia, with the purpose of promoting contemporary art of various disciplines. Providing the Yogyakarta community with open access to Austrian and European contemporary arts and culture through a stable venue in which they may engage and build future relationships with other artists.

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