A short film by Vincent Moon about how Jogja Hip Hop Foundation did live performance in a village that was wrecked by Mount Merapi eruption in Central Java, where they also became volunteers in the aftermath. Shot in Ploso Kerep Village.

Keroncong music

Keroncong originated and developed in Java with great Portuguese influence using the ukelele and other stringed instruments. It was brought to Malaysia from Java in the 15th century. One style of keroncong which developed is called 'langgam jawa' which uses many of the rhythmic patterns heard typically in gamelan music along with the pelog scale. In this style there is a great amount of gamelan influence.


Simple story about Bottlesmoker and see DJakartawarehouseproject


Kenali|Rangkai|Pakai (recognize I Bundle I Use) or abbreviated KRP is an independent community that was formed with purpose of conducting various project to development types of instrument or media-based art. Media in this condition, its not only from music development, but also include visual, lighting, and artistic. KRP concern of applied technology on variety of arts, this can be made independently from artist.

Yes No Wave Music netlabel, Yogyakarta

Yes No Wave Music

Yes No Wave Music is a netlabel based in Yogyakarta managed by Wok The Rock, Good Bitch and Adya Mahardhika. Online label allows bands / musicians to showcase their work to the public who seem to be more extensive. This is the action of 'gift economy', an experimentation in applying the model of free music to music lovers in this capitalistic world. This action is not the idea of ​​destroying the music industry has established hundreds of years, but more on that offer alternatives to distribute a piece of music for free.